New to communications at MIT or just need a little refresher? Here are some useful tips and tools about communications at MIT.

MIT acronyms
Let us help you wade through the alphabet soup. Learn the names and meanings behind acronyms and other terms used at MIT.

MIT communications groups
Find a group that fits your interests and job function.

MIT communications offices and services
From video production to MIT logo files, search by department for help with communications-related projects.

MIT Facts
Discover essential, notable facts about MIT.

MIT Wikipedia page
Of course we have our own Wiki page! Find it here.

Nondiscrimination policy
The MIT nondiscrimination policy must be included on all publications that describe MIT programs and are intended for prospective students or employees.

Cover of the MIT Facts booklet, which has a colorful pattern with a green and pink MIT logo in the middle.
Discover essential, notable facts about MIT.