We manage MIT’s brand standards and help departments leverage the brand to their best advantage.
MIT red hooded sweatshirt with a white MIT logo
Learn how to use the MIT logo, seal, and other official marks.
We identify and manage high-level web projects for the Institute, and we advise the community on content strategy, design, and development.
MIT Now website
Get in touch for help with navigating the process of creating a new website.
We lead MIT’s social media strategy and can offer guidance on your department’s social media efforts.
Social media icons of MIT's flagship accounts
We provide advice on how you can effectively use social media for your department.
From one-­time blasts to long­-term strategies, we help you plan and execute your email marketing communications.
Reading an email on a laptop
Learn how to use email marketing to advance your communications goals.
We curate the MIT Media Library, and we can help you find a photographer or videographer to capture the perfect shot for your print or web project.
Stata Center
Discover how to select imagery that will best support your communications.
Whether it’s a postcard, department overview brochure, or event program, we can help you create a successful print strategy.
Print publications
Contact us for help with coordinating the various components of your print project.