Whether you’re developing an event poster, department overview brochure, or conference program, consider the following best practices when starting a print project.

Things to consider

  • Define your audience and the messages you would like to convey.
  • Consider how your print project integrates with your department’s website, social media, and other communications efforts.
  • Determine who will design and write the piece. Will you need to hire creative vendors?
  • Create a schedule that includes ample time for reviews by key stakeholders, as well as time for printing. Shorter print runs can usually be printed digitally, which typically has a quicker turnaround time. Higher quantities of more complex projects will likely need to be printed offset, which can take longer.

Other resources

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Preferred printers (an MIT certificate is required to see the list)
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Print publications
MIT has qualified five local printers for their quality, service, and pricing.