The MIT brand represents the culture and values of the Institute. Clear, correct, and consistent implementation of our brand system helps reinforce MIT’s reputation throughout the world and provides cohesiveness across all departments.

Using the MIT logo

The MIT logo functions as the shorthand representation of the Institute’s parent brand and is our most widely recognized graphic identifier. Using the MIT logo in your department or organization’s identities and communications sends a clear message: you are connected with the power and promise of the Institute.

As the Institute’s primary graphic symbol, the MIT logo should appear on all communications, including websites and other digital collateral, print publications, stationery, and signage.

To learn more about brand standards for the Institute, visit the MIT Brand Guide site.

Branding options


In this option, your department or group is presented as a direct extension of the MIT parent brand. Sub-branding allows your DLC’s brand to be both distinctive and consistent with the overall system. This option connects you to the parent brand, yet there is still room for creative expression through design and the use of color.
If you choose the sub-branding strategy, we will create your logo at no charge and provide you with the appropriate web and print files (social media icons are available for download). Sub-brand logos must be created by us to ensure that they qualify to use sub-branding and that they are built correctly. Do not build your own logos. Contact to request a sub-brand logo.

Endorsed branding

While we strongly recommend that DLCs use sub-branding whenever possible, you also have the option of using an existing custom logo or creating a new one. This strategy, known as endorsed branding, makes your department or group’s brand the primary focus, with the MIT brand playing a supporting yet significant role. This option requires the MIT logo to be within the same field of vision as your logo.

To learn more about endorsed branding, visit the MIT Brand Guide site.

Using the MIT seal

The MIT seal is a historical symbol that should be reserved for ceremonial use, such as diplomas or certificates. The MIT logo is the Institute’s primary symbol and should be used on all websites, print publications, and stationery.

To learn about proper use of the MIT seal, visit the MIT Brand Guide site.

Color palette

Color is an important element of any brand system. When you use MIT’s official colors in your communications, you are establishing and reinforcing your connection to the Institute.

MIT’s core palette consists of MIT red, silver gray, bright red, black, and white. An expanded palette offers flexibility and supports a broader range of creative executions.

To learn more about MIT’s colors, visit the MIT Brand Guide site.

Black tote bag with a white MIT logo
Learn how to use the MIT logo, seal, and other official marks.