Communications Initiatives helps departments at MIT leverage the global brand recognition of the Institute. Our team promotes correct and consistent use of the MIT logo and brand attributes across all communications, including web, print, and social media. We also advise departments, labs, and centers on best practices about maintaining or establishing their own identities.

Contact us to learn how we can help your department develop its visual expression.

MIT brand

  • Educate on how to leverage MIT's brand equity
  • Recommend which MIT branding option is right for you
  • Provide logo files for master branding and equal focus branding

Branding for your department

  • Advise on whether your department should create its own identity
  • Refer you to skilled designers
  • Obtain design estimates
  • Offer feedback on designs

Find resources and other information about branding

Sweatshirt with the MIT logo
Learn more about proper use of the MIT logo and seal.
Explore options for branding your department or group.